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Monday, 27 May 2013

Movies and Half Birthday!


Wow I have seen so many movies in the last month it has been quite an adventure really. I will give a brief review of each (though I cannot say my reviews are publishable but bear with me)

  • Oblivion:
    • Enjoyable movie, had a bit of a thriller edge at times (especially if you watch it with Christine ;) I quite enjoyed how it makes you think a bit as to what is happening and doesn't really go according to plan all the time. I don't think i would go out of my way to watch it a second time, the only reason we watched this was because Iron man 3 was sold out. Was still full of suspense and rather enjoyable.
  • Safe Haven
    •  SUCH a chick flick!!! Ok it does have a lekka fight scene in the end which gets the adrenaline puming a bit and is a good thing if you decided to take the bf with you :) all in all a good movie. love the slight twist in the end - though I saw it coming about 2 scenes before it was revealed, but it still brought me to tears. Lately though the smallest things make me emotional - whether they are happy or sad.
  • The Great Gatsby
    • GREAT indeed. Jade and I did this book as our set work in matric so we HAD to watch it together!! It was crazy to re-live high school days and have Mrs Spiro's comments run through my head the whole time while I watched. I don't think they left much out in the movie - which is amazing in Hollywood standards. They did omit daisy introducing her daughter to Gatsby, which I rate should have been included. Nick was cast perfectly! The way they incorporated him being the Narrator was brilliant. I think watching this movie helped me actually realize why Nick revered Gatsby so much. I still don't like him cause he lied so much and so did they all. but Gatsby was the only one who stayed true to his dream till the end of his days. I loved how they interpreted the characters so well and brought the book alive. I wish I had this movie when I was doing it as my set work. The American dream (green light) was also emphasized so well in the movie.
  • Ironman 3
    • WOW!! Such an amazing movie! The action, suspense and twists were all so well done. The movie kind of sucks you in and make you apart of the world of Tony Stark and Pepper. I WOULD watch this one again! It did not keep me on the edge of my seat like in the Avengers but It was still POWER and humorous. It took forever to book a time and place for this movies but I'm glad we finally made time for it on big screen and in 3D.
Goofing Off


This was a fun day!!! Though quite stressful with the Grand Designs show and all it was quite a rush to get through everything. Firstly I watched the 9pm Iron man show the previous night after working from 3pm to 8pm on the show, and only came home LATE (12am) Then having to wake up to go to work at the showroom from 9-12 then having to ice a cake!!! (at least I did not need to still bake it - Liezel did that before she went to the show for the morning shift.) 

Deidz decided to have a Half Birthday for Aiden (Mainly because it is just plain fun and he turns 6 months on the 25 + Saturday = Party Time) The Theme of the Party was "Under Construction". Quite a cool theme too since his 1 year Birthday is "under construction".

Liezel and I were assigned the cake. Deidz got the inspiration for the party from a cake idea she found on pinterest and then just had a field day of idea after that. I cannot say I did the Idea cake justice but I added my own flare to the cake. Here are some fun pics of the evening Dinner:

Dad :)
Kaz & Deidz

 That's all from me.